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The Beauty of Architectural Design in Churches

orange and gray tunnel painting

Architecture is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses more than just the creation of buildings. It is an art form that has the power to inspire and evoke emotions. Churches, in particular, hold a special place in architectural design as they serve as spaces for spiritual teachings and worship. Today, we will go into the beauty […]

God’s Design in Architecture

Architectural design in God

Have you ever felt your curiosity might be playing with you? It happened to me many times. As a Christian designer, who has knowledge in Architecture, believe that God himself is an architect. In the beginning, he designed everything, he even had a deadline, 6 days. I think in everything that we do in life, […]

Christianity and Architecture’s Role: Together for a Better World

Role of Christianity and Architecture as the same time

A better world is something we always look for. It’s one of the goals everyone wants to achieve. But is our world getting better? Your answer’s probably a big no! Is the same thing with Christianity, we look forward for healing, for reconnected, reunion, reassurance, etc. The more we see people need God, the more […]