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The Beauty of Architectural Design in Churches

orange and gray tunnel painting

Architecture is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses more than just the creation of buildings. It is an art form that has the power to inspire and evoke emotions. Churches, in particular, hold a special place in architectural design as they serve as spaces for spiritual teachings and worship. Today, we will go into the beauty […]

Faith in My Design

my design

Were you part of any design field like architecture, interior design, landscape, content creators, fine arts, and any design that you can think of? Have you ever felt that sometimes you are just doing your design just for the sake of doing it? Maybe having this anxiety if what you’re designing works. I’m in the […]

Self- Control

To be honest, discussing self-control can be challenging. We often resist the idea because we fear losing our freedom and feeling confined. As human being, we naturally gravitate towards the things we enjoy, and our society and culture promote an uncontrollable lifestyle. The concept of self-control may make us feel imprisoned, limiting our choices and experiences

God’s Design in Architecture

Architectural design in God

Have you ever felt your curiosity might be playing with you? It happened to me many times. As a Christian designer, who has knowledge in Architecture, believe that God himself is an architect. In the beginning, he designed everything, he even had a deadline, 6 days. I think in everything that we do in life, […]

Christianity and Architecture’s Role: Together for a Better World

Role of Christianity and Architecture as the same time

A better world is something we always look for. It’s one of the goals everyone wants to achieve. But is our world getting better? Your answer’s probably a big no! Is the same thing with Christianity, we look forward for healing, for reconnected, reunion, reassurance, etc. The more we see people need God, the more […]